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Hello Mourad,

just wanted to say thanks for your great service on translating the excel functions: Thank you!


Thanks, Daniel :-)

Hi! This is a great tool, thanks!
Sometimes there comes a “True” or “False” in my Fomula which I need to translate manually. Would be nice to have that feature.

Hi Buci,

thanks! And thanks for reporting the issue. The translator assumes that the functions in a formula have brackets. That’s why, when using TRUE oder FALSE, the parser does not recognizes them. I will try to find a solution for this problem in the next version planned for summer.

Best regards :-)

excel german english user

cool thanks

This is an excellent and invaluable tool. Many thanks.

Thanks :-)

Thanks for this tool! It help me a lot!

Only a mistake in translation from English to Portuguese (Brazil)-> the keyword SEARCH should be translated to LOCALIZAR, and not PESQUISAR

Best Regards

Hi Ale_rg,

Thanks for the feedback and for the compliment :-)

Microsoft also changed the name of some Excel functions after the release of a service pack. This was the case for SEARCH, which was named PESQUISAR in Excel 2010 and renamed to LOCALIZAR in Excel 2010 SP1. Please refer to the KB-Article from Microsoft here: Function names changed in non-English versions of Excel 2010 SP1.

Best Regards, Mourad

Awesome helping hand in the tool translation jungle. Translation of a formula takes far too long without this tool.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards

Hi Vassil, Thanks :-)

Best regards, Mourad

Excellent !!!

Hello Hawim, thanks :-)

What a great resource! Thanks for building this for the community.

Hi NIck, many thanks for the feedback :-)

That’s precisely the tool which I needed to improve the quality of my activities.
Thank you indeed.

Hi Alberto, many thanks :-)

You Saved my day

Acacio Martins

Great tool! Just have this in German and couldn’t understand a word…until now!
Thank you :)

Hello Acacio many thanks :-)

Best regards, Mourad

Generally I think this is an excellent resource. However, I have a small suggestion. It might be useful to be able to translate phrases within the formula too.

For example I put:


and got:


There are still two errors with this formula. First the “,” should be replaced by “;”. Second, the word false should be “faux”. This are probably things that would be picked up very quickly when working in the country, but I still think it would improve the functionality of this website.


Hi Ian,

thanks for your feedback and suggestions :-)

The translator offers an option for replacing the commas by semi-colons in “Separator for the function arguments”. If you set this option to “Replace commas with semi-colons”, you get the right separators. Concerning the second suggestion, yes, you are right. This is a small bug in the parser module, as it does not recognize Excel functions without brackets. I will fix this.

Regards, Mourad

Womderful. Great source. Thank you so much. :)

Hello Akin,

Thanks :-) Regards, Mourad