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Welcome to the website for the Excel-Translator :-)

Microsoft Excel is one of the world’s most used software for spreadsheets. In addition to the features provided by the interface, the software allows complex calculations and reporting by using the over 450 built in functions. Excel is available in several languages and many of the Excel functions have been localized. This website offers an online tool for translating Excel functions and formulas from one language to another and also includes a reference of all Excel functions and their translations from Excel 2010 and above.

The website for the Excel-Translator itself is currently available in 18 languages which are independent from the Excel languages. Each language for this website is mapped to a subdomains and all subdomains have the same content. The search function on this website searches all subdomains. So, if you search for a German function on the English site, the results for the german site are also listed. This makes it easier to find functions. News, Updates and other information will be primarly published on the German, English and French sites.